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Jjinc Design was set up with a simple vision. My wife and I wanted to use our skills for God.

3 company identities. one goal.

Christian ministries, missionary agencies, church groups, individual missionaries all have to deal with the same dilemma: poor funding. Lack of funds means when a piece of information needs to get out to the public, or a gospel tract needs to get in the hands of those without Christ - it often gets the scrapings of the budget, because graphics/ advertising/ design is not a priority - the message is.

A desire for a clear message
The message of the Bible, the Christian Gospel, salvation through faith in Jesus Christ is also our priority. However, that message is often ignored when printed on photocopy paper or on a website that is wordy and unattractive. The message does not have a chance. When God gave us these skills, we see it as an opportunity to give our time and energy to making that message more accessible. God certainly doesn't need me, but it is also not our job to ignore an obvious avenue for our gifts and abilities to be used for His kingdom and His glory.

When you retain the services of Jjinc Design, you are giving us opportunity to do more for missions. We currently achieve about 30-35% of our time on ministry projects that often result in zero revenue. In 2008 that figure was more like 50%. We would love to see mission graphics grow back to 50% and beyond.

How can you help?
images of Jjinc Design business card   When you need new business cards, call us.
sample vector drawing by Jjinc Design   If you're getting ready to hire a graphic design firm, advertising agency, printing company, website designer for any reason - let us give you the opportunity to quote.
FAITH t-shirt   If you need T-shirts, hats, etc. with screen printing or embroidery - give us a call.
Pen & Ink sketch   If your construction project needs a conceptual drawing, put our pen & paper to work.
acrylic sketch of scottish highlands   Buy some of the artwork on display.

All of these help complete the vision above in two ways. Firstly, you are supporting our family; there's no secret that the income we draw from Jjinc goes to meet our needs. Secondly, you provide surplus for the design company to offer inexpensive, or even free services to currently over 75 ministries worldwide.

Be a part of the chain of support to missions and christian ministry, call us today.

If you are a ministry in need of inexpensive graphic services (some may even be available at no cost to you), please contact us today. For prayer cards, check out the options here.

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